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Akashic Records

The Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning everything in the Universe.  The Akashic Records are a vibrational recording of everything that has ever been said, done or thought since the beginning of time, and each person has their own set of Records.

Up until a few decades ago, very few people read the Akashic Records, and those that did studied and prayed for most of their lives before gaining access. Now there are numerous ways to access the Records, and to learn about ourselves, and what we are here to accomplish in this lifetime.

Many people associate the Akashic Records with discovering information about their past lives. They can certainly be used for that but our experience is that the Records offer so much more!

Besides the wisdom we connect with during our Tuesday Night Calls, we also use the Records to provide clarity, purpose and healing for all kinds of relationships, career perspectives, health concerns and spiritual guidance.

In fact, we've created Mastery classes around life aspects, emotions, judgment, and even a series just to learn about your Chakras!


The process of removing and transforming low frequencies like pain, anger, unworthiness and fear into higher frequencies of love, joy, compassion and gratitude.  This always results in an energetic healing.

Angelic Realm

The Angelic Realm is “the world of angels and archangels” that we call in for healings.

Astral Plane

The spiritual dimension where beings not in bodies exist, play, heal, and create. There is no time or space in the astral plane. Everything in the physical realm has an astral parallel that looks similar but is made up of much more subtle “matter.”

The astral plane is a healing and learning dimension that we all access while we sleep at night, mostly not remembering what we saw, what we experienced, what we did. With practice we can learn to be conscious of these experiences and to remember them.

The Astral plane is accessible with our astral body (one of our “light bodies”), which is connected to our physical body by a “silver cord.” When people say they have had an “out of body experience,” such as in a near death episode, they are actually describing the recollection of an astral plane experience.

Atheist Energy

Foreign energy found in the body that says energy is not real. It is not a disbelief in Source/Creator/God but a disbelief in energy and energy healing.


Sanskrit for “wheel or circle” refers to energy centers found in the body. There are seven main Chakras in the human body, all of which are associated with specific organs, glands and systems, as well as emotions and thoughts. There are up to five additional “Upper Chakras” found outside of the body, located above the crown (also known as the 7th Chakra). Of note is that there are many other chakras throughout the body and especially on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. All of these energy centers are filled with energetic information that assists us in optimal functioning of all light bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).


Clairaudience comes through the Divine clear channel of hearing.  When someone is connecting with their own information through clairaudience they will hear what is being giving from their soul/essence, Source or their healing team.  This can be through music or words but is not limited to that.


Claircognizance comes through the Divine clear channel of knowing. When someone is connected to their own information through claircognizance there is a clear sense of knowing from their soul/essence, Source or their healing team. This is the strongest of the clear communication channels.


Clairsentience comes through the Divine clear channel of feeling. When someone is clairsentient they are connecting with their own information through what they are feeling in their own body. Often it can be difficult to distinguish what is your feeling and what belongs to someone else until you learn to connect with your claircognizance.  Feelings can show up as love, fear, anger, and pain among other emotions.


Clairvoyance is the Divine clear channel of seeing, and is commonly considered being psychic, which does not resonate for us. Someone who is clairvoyant is connecting with their own information through seeing and includes internal sight as well as external vision.

Council of Souls

Every person has a council of souls made up of light beings directing and guiding you throughout all of your lifetimes.  Their intention is to assist you in achieving the goals and milestones you want as well as clearing the karma and agreements.  Your biggest meeting with them takes place prior to an incarnation and its purpose is to help you prepare and design the many aspects of that lifetime, especially your relationships. You also meet with them on the astral plane, usually while your body is sleeping.


Frequencies and energetic information that is gifted to the planet and people to heal and upgrade their light bodies, including the chakras, and give them more access to their information.

Energy Healing

The process of removing and changing low frequencies like pain, anger, unworthiness and fear using the higher frequencies of love, joy, compassion and gratitude, ultimately resulting in a healing which can be experienced physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.


Every being has a soul or an essence. This is the aspect of our existence that is eternal and capable of assuming physical experiences throughout multiple incarnations.


When a soul comes into a body in physical form it is said to “incarnate.” An incarnation is the actual experience that a soul has in a physical body. It refers to the lifetime that soul is having in that physical body.

Inner Wisdom

Same as Inner Knowing, and accessing your own information. It refers to the information you have gathered through lifetime experiences and includes the expanded awareness and evolution within you.


A keycode is a combination of letters, numbers, and sacred geometry that is used in alchemical healing.  SB123 means “So Be It,” and gives a boost to the statement made before it. The keycode 333 dissolves fear and brings joy.

Light Beings

Refers to a soul that is not in a physical body and shows up as a ball or body of light when looked at psychically.

Pathway Prayer Process

The Pathway Prayer Process is the prayer brought forth by Linda Howe to access the Akashic Records.  It is the process that 8th Chakra Company uses and teaches to access the Akashic Records.


A non-religious meditative healing modality utilizing theta brain waves and designed to clear limiting beliefs to make possible the experience of freedom, joy and love. ThetaHealing results in physical, mental and emotional healing by bringing you closer to Source/Creator and realizing Oneness.


An event that sets off a series of irritations, anger, or other low frequency by consciously or unconsciously “reminding” you of an unpleasant or even traumatic event from the past, which can include (but not necessarily) a past lifetime.



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