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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the 8th Chakra?

The 8th Chakra is located about 18 inches above your crown. This is where your Council of Souls resides. This Council has been present with you since your soul was born and its job is to assist you in planning out each lifetime before you incarnate, including the casting of every relationship you will be intertwined with. What an incredible fountain of your own information this is! By activating your 8th Chakra you will go a long way in remembering who you are and why you are here. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to understand what were you thinking when you cast certain people into certain roles in your life (wink, wink)!

Another way to gain access to your own information is to learn how to read your Akashic Records. This is a real dimension within the multiverse in which every experience your soul has gone through is vibrationally recorded. Having access to this information will make possible profound transformation and spiritual growth. Reading your own Akashic Records is surprisingly simple and you will not believe how much easier this practice gets each time you engage in it!

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the vibrational recording of everything that has ever been said, thought or done since your soul's creation.  Everything that is created with a soul – including plants, rocks, planets, and all creatures – has a set of Records. These can be accessed in many different ways including prayer, meditation and chanting.

Everyone has access to their own Akashic Records, and that is what we teach you to do!  You can use your Akashic Records to connect with more of your own information to heal past life traumas, clear karma and agreements, and uncover the teachings for your soul.

The Akashic Records are held in a beautiful “realm” that is very high frequency and loaded with love and compassion. Reading your records can give you clarity, insight and comprehension regarding everything in your life.

What does an Akashic Records Reading look like?

An Akashic Records Reading will look and feel slightly different depending on the person reading your records. Some readers have visions they will describe to you, while others hear a narrative. Many are able to both see and hear the messages that are being narrated for you by the Light Beings in your Records, which are then interpreted by the reader. Regardless, an Akashic Records Reading will be enjoyable, insightful and healing for you!

The process is relaxing and energizing at the same time. As the one being read, it’s uplifting and one of the most positive experiences you will ever have.  Some people notice a shift in energy, and lightness around the “problem.”  Resolution or a change in perspective is always a plus in our book. Having your Records read can be like being shown a movie of your many lifetimes and how they have all culminated to the one you have now. Of course, this does not happen in one reading. That is why we love teaching people how to read their own Records!

What makes the 8th Chakra Company different?

We are master alchemists and have spent years healing and clearing the foreign energy that we teach about. We access our own 12th Chakra information and have clear discernment about only creating energy to heal. Not everyone has a 12th Chakra, which gives us a direct line to Source for pure and loving high frequency information that will absolutely assist you in your process of healing and restoring your True Self. If you have found us it is because you are ready to access the highest-level information and frequency available to you in this moment and in this current lifetime! Kudos for being here!

We are mostly focused on your human experience, not necessarily your spiritual experience. That’s because we believe that in order for your soul to expand in awareness, there must be a physical raising of frequency. This can only be accomplished while in a physical body. We are very unique in this teaching!

And what is really important for you to know is that we are all about YOU accessing your OWN information. This cannot be undermined!  You see, unlike many companies, counselors, experts, healers, specialists, and therapists who are interested in you relying on them for healing, for your spiritual evolution and for attaining your full human potential, we want you to discover through what we teach you that the information you need to accomplish ALL of this in your life is already available to you! It is never outside of you, but rather, always inside of you! All you really need to do is raise your frequency and you will have more and more access to your own information.

Everyone, without exception, is always raising their frequency. This is what the human experience is all about. But, for the most part we are doing it unconsciously, which simply slows down this “process.” There is nothing wrong with the process being slow because we will all get to the finish line at some point. That is the promise we have been given by Source.

HOWEVER, if you are interested in speeding up the process of your awakening, mastering what it is to be human, consciously raising your frequency, and aligning with helping humanity connect with the high frequencies of love, compassion and forgiveness, then the 8th Chakra Company is what you have been praying for!

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing® is an energy healing modality created by Vianna Stibal in 1995. The practitioner “connects” directly with Source/Creator God, utilizing theta brain waves (also used in hypnosis), to access full vision of what the client needs to heal on any number of multiple levels including the physical, mental, emotional and soul levels, and then “commands” a healing to take place. This command is directed at Source and implies that we are all One with Source and therefore rightfully able to powerfully invoke the highest of all healing and restorative frequencies to produce miraculous results at all levels being requested.

One of the things we love about ThetaHealing® is that it does not require any particular religious or spiritual belief. It is more of a meditative technique and spiritual philosophy designed to bring you closer to the Creator. A powerful element of this practice is that it teaches you how to clear limiting beliefs that have been blocking you from experiencing freedom, joy and love and helps you to live more harmoniously and to be closely in tune with the truth of who you are.

During the second half of all our Tuesday Night Calls, we take full advantage of ThetaHealing® to bring you the specific Source downloads that are relevant and appropriate for the conversation topic of the evening. Many of our participants often “feel” these downloads, which we have designed so that you will experience them whether you participate live on the call or listen to a recording of a previous call.

What is a healing?

Alchemy is the process of removing and changing low frequencies like pain, anger, unworthiness and fear using the higher frequencies of love, joy, compassion and gratitude.  It involves creating healing constructs, blueprints and designs to heal the effects of foreign energy.

Through alchemy we can repair, restore and regenerate physical, mental and emotional “damage,” and create an environment of homeostasis for all our Light Bodies

How are the Akashic Records used for the Tuesday Night Call?

Reading the Akashic Records is a spiritual process similar to meditation, and available through prayer.  Prior to the Tuesday night phone call, we open the Records of the 8th Chakra Community by reciting the Pathway Prayer Process taught by Linda Howe.

Once the Records of the 8th Chakra Community are open, we ask for wisdom and information for everyone on the call. For both of us, the information comes through in our claircognizant channels as a knowing, but we often hear, feel or see the messages as well.

We both also receive information regarding the frequencies and alchemical constructs that are being downloaded to the community, and what is being healed.