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History of the 8th Chakra Company

The 8th Chakra Company was born one breezy, sunny day in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in early September 2016. We had not been friends for long, but our mutual love for the Akashic Records and all things spiritual led us quickly into some very interesting conversations. We knew we were going to be in business together but we hadn’t determined what that was going to look like.

We were hanging out by Bonnie’s pool, throwing ideas around and talking about the Light Beings in the Akashic Realm.  We knew teaching people to read the Akashic Records was at the top of the list.  People want to know how easy it is to connect to their own wisdom.

We also understood that we were spiritual beings having a human experience. Life is about mastering what it is to be human.

And then, there it was! We both looked at each other and realized we are here to help others master their own information.

It was so clear that within the hour, we had registered The 8th Chakra Company and secured the domain.  It happened so fast that both our heads were spinning with excitement!

Immediately ideas began to flow to offer the public something that would inspire and bring healing to the world.

To this day our Tuesday Night Calls have been a foundation for the work we are bringing into full expression. At first, we referred to these calls as “The Enlightened Ladies Circle” until the guys asked to be included.

The second incarnation was “The Enlightened Humanity Circle™ Call.” Today we just call them the “Tuesday Night Call.” Pretty original, don’t ya think?

Once we had our Tuesday Night Calls set, we started teaching people to read their own Akashic Records.  Yes, you can always come to us to read your Records but there's real power in you learning to access your own information!

When you begin to experience your own knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing in the Akashic Records, you can apply that to the rest of your life.

Which is the exact reason we created the 8th Chakra Company Mastery Series.  When you understand using the power of the Akashic Realm to access your own knowing, you are ready to see beyond what’s been blocking you and transform your life.

Mastery 1 is a six-week study of life aspects – family relationships, a beloved relationship, money, purpose, health and dreams.  Here’s your opportunity to really dive in and examine the origin of an issue, determine the teaching, and heal what’s available to shift. It’s a fabulous chance to be coached while learning to do it yourself!

Mastery 2 offers the same opportunity around the study of emotions, worry, compassion, anger, joy, fear and love – six weeks of being bold about what no longer serves your highest good.  To be honest, the first time we offered this program, it KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!  We couldn’t believe the information we uncovered for ourselves let alone what the participants came away with.

“Oh my goodness. Thank you for all YOU both do!! It has taken me most of this life to find my tribe. I am so blessed by you both and love you deeply! My quest for connection and knowing is ever-fueled by your inspiring discoveries and downloads, forums, classes, encouragement and innovations!! All I can say is thank you to YOU!!

R.A.Concert Pianist (West Palm Beach, FL)

Lily Winsaft

After spending over 20 years in the corporate world, I became an entrepreneur and have been focusing on my life-long love of peace and harmony. My passion is to align every human being with the remembrance of who we are and why we have chosen this current lifetime, and this planet. I am a Consciousness Leadership Executive Coach as well as a Life & Career Coach. A certified Akashic Records Reader, I have been reading Akashic Records since I was a teenager, having been raised by parents who are Cabbalists.

In addition to teaching Akashic Records locally in the Palm Beach Gardens area, I teach a proprietary technique called the DreamWorker™ Protocol, where I combine dream work with Akashic Records to maximize the power of the information that lies in our subconscious. I am a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, a long time practitioner of ThetaHealing® and a Mastery Level II Alchemist.

On a personal side, I am single and the mother of two young men that I am very proud of. Always a big city girl (Brooklyn, Miami, Atlanta), I thought living in a small town would be a tough transition. But I LOVE Juno Beach, Florida and have been here since 2014. I live two blocks from the beach where I greet the sunrise every morning and receive wisdom from the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm.

You’ll find my daily posts on Facebook. I am working on my first book which will be published in December 2018, followed by a second book soon after.

For additional information about Lily or to book a session with her, please visit her website at She also welcomes your call anytime (678-642-8874).

“My experience with Lily Winsaft has been not only life changing, but life transforming! After suffering with depression for years, and treating it with conventional therapy, dangerous mood altering drugs and antidepressants with little to no success, I had reached the end of my rope. I had become so debilitated and isolated that I prayed daily for death...The pain was too great! That's when Lily came into my life with her love and guidance and her beautiful ability to help me heal through ThetaHealing. I began to feel better, almost lighter right away and I was out of the house the 1st day taking a short walk to the beach. Within days I was working again and in a weeks time I was on my way to some serious healing. My gratitude is immense for what Lily has done for me. Her guidance, compassion, love and spiritual ability was and still is nothing short of miraculous. Thankfully"

S.P.C. Sr.Home Remodeler (Boston, MA)

Bonnie Sax

I am an energy healer, an award-winning author, international speaker and teacher.  I am also a master student because I am always learning new ways to incorporate what’s happening on the planet into my conversations.

Prior to 2014, I was a fairly normal wife and mother aspiring to do something amazing in the world. By that I mean, I always felt a little restless, that I hadn’t quite found “that” thing.  After an Akashic Records reading, where I was told it was time for me to learn to read the Records, I discovered my niche.

Within a year, I had completed the course to teach people to read the Akashic Records, and I had begun to speak publicly around the country.  I adore teaching people to access their own information, and I am a master at explaining the spiritual wisdom and messages that come from the Akashic Records.  I often say I am a translator for your soul and your healing team.

In 2016, I co-founded the 8th Chakra Company and began writing “The Health & Happiness Guide to the Universal Laws: What You Most Want to Know.” Using the Akashic Records to examine each Universal Law, I help readers understand and use the laws to create more of what they want.  The Law of Divine Timing, Magnetic Affinities and the Law of Reflection are three big keys to understanding how to manifest your desires.

At the end of that year, I began an in-depth master alchemy course which enabled me to develop Akashic Alchemy combining reading the Akashic Records with healing alchemy. Bringing the two modalities together allows for the clearing of karma, and alchemizing the foreign energy found in past lives.

In addition, I lead book clubs, and host spiritual talks around Palm Beach County, and I love my Monday morning “Happy Half Hour” on Facebook Live.  Technology has allowed me to reach all over the world, and I’m thrilled with helping more people connect with their own information.

I am a Mastery Level 2 Alchemist, writing my second book called “Healing in the 21st Century” set to be out later this year. You can track my book writing progress here (Link to her website, page link to come)

My children, Sarah and Matthew, are grown and following their own paths. My husband of 29 years, David, is a realtor and in total support of my pursuits. In our spare time, we watch movies and enjoy South Florida.

“Bonnie’s reading seemed to touch me on many different levels at once. She offered practical advice through the Records in caring for my body, being aware of the issues that lay behind physical symptoms like sore knees (a chronic fear of moving forward). She emphasized more than once the need for me to be truthful and authentic about my dreams and desires as well as my emotions. The most powerful thought from this session I received was to keep walking down the road of my dreams and desires, and enjoy the vista. My job is not to worry about how things are going to get taken care of. My job is to enjoy the trip. “Do the thing that is fun and the details will fill in."

A.C.Massage Therapist, (Boston, MA)